Eat these five foods after vomiting to soothe your stomach!

Nausea and vomiting are common problems that we usually face and can be caused by various factors. Nausea is accompanied by nausea in the stomach even after vomiting. But eating right can help settle your stomach and give your body the strength it needs.

Here are some foods to eat after vomiting:

Bland food

One should not eat spicy food immediately after vomiting and instead eat bland foods like khichdis, sandwiches and other foods which do not contain too much seasoning. Spicy food only causes more acid and can trigger another bout of vomiting.

Orange juice

Be sure to drink a glass of orange juice after vomiting or when you feel nauseous, as it really helps calm the stomach and prevent vomiting.


Yogurt is considered the best food choice because it is easy to digest. It also acts as a natural probiotic and instantly soothes your stomach and to some extent prevents hyperacidity. However, only fresh cottage cheese which tastes not too sour should be consumed.


We often drink a lot of water immediately after vomiting. But one should avoid drinking plain water and instead have two to three ice cubes as this will help reduce nausea.


Consuming this fruit a few hours after vomiting helps calm the stomach and prevent acid buildup.